Our Mission Statement is to give immediate access (to all property management companies, Government agencies, asset management companies, private investors both large and small), the same sound decision making data as the largest corporations get access to.  We also have you covered on the back end when a lease goes bad we allow you to report this debt to all three credit bureaus and incur no collection fees.

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DSC_5747Hi and WELCOME to the new Landlord2Landlord Web Portal!  I am Ken Lemal, Founder and President of Landlord2Landlord RenterNet.  My BIO page CLICK HERE will give you an in depth picture of what we expect to accomplish, product overview,  and the lessons I had learned over the last 37 years in the real estate business. We have some exciting NEW Services starting right now that are covered in the L2L Connect. We have many old services we have not done a good job telling anyone about because they were developed to be used in our own businesses.  This NEW Web Portal is intended to be our NEW customer communication and resource area. Over the next few months we will populate the L2L Education and Resources area with videos  to answer the most frequently asked questions we receive. Please explore our site and be sure to "Opt In" to our email list.  The "Opt Ins" are located on the pages for our different products such as L2LConnect, Tenant Screening, Calendars and Appointment Tracking, Community and Advertising Web Sites, and Low Cost Communications. Our Opt In List for Tenant Screening will include changes in Govt. Regulations, Credit Bureau Changes and new services as they become available.

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