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L2L Connect can make you more money.  The old saying Expand Your Network, Expand Your Wallet is what you can achieve by opting into this service.

Landlord2Landlord Renternet

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About The Landlord2Landlord Renternet.

Landlord2Landlord LLC (AKA L2L) began in the mid 1990's in Atlanta, Ga. and grew out of a group of over 400 landlords specializing in multifamily communities.

L2L began offering it's tenant screening services nationwide in the year 2000 via a web portal.  Since our beginning we have taken on thousands of clients such as small and large property management companies residential and commercial, private investors and government agencies.

L2L has maintained with the Atlanta BBB an A+ rating since 6/2000.

Additional programs have been added over the years to assist landlords in advertising their properties on the web, appointment setting with advertising tracking control and low cost phone systems that tie directly into the appointment setting system.  Call center solutions are available to large companies provided they have a call volume on average exceeding 150 calls a day.

What we are most excited about is our newest service we call L2L Connect.  If you have ever heard the saying expand your network and expand your wallet but just have never had the time to do so.  Well we have done it for you.

L2L is a network of thousands of L2L clients and any landlord or organization who are opting in to connect with our group.  All you need to do to become part of the network is opt in to our email list by clinking the L2L Connect Link on our Home Page or by CLICKING HERE and let us know what type of properties your are interested in acquiring.

You may SELL your properties thru the L2L Connect portal as well. Simply email us the particulars and we will put your information it in front of the group who has expressed an interest in your type of property.

  • Ken Lemal

    Owner and Founder

  • Paul Lemal

    VP Acquisitions

  • David Ciardullo

    CPA New York