Calendar and Appointment Tracking and Resident Ledger.

You now have access to a calendar suitable for use in large call centers. L2L Calendar and Appointment Tracking is a calendar originally built to schedule appointments and manage sub-contractors who are preforming in home repairs in over 40 cities thru-out the U.S.  The system can handle one property, or multiple properties in multiple geographic locations.  You could use one calendar for multiple properties or one calendar for each property. The software is completely cloud based so there is no software to install and nothing to maintain. Administration for your calendars gives you the ability to assign access privileges to your employees and supervisors as a super admin.

On-Line Rent/Deposit Payments 

Have a tenant that wants to apply to rent. Take them to your online application where they can then pay the application fee and deposit on line then automatically or once you review push one button to screen the applicant. Results are available in seconds and the data is maintained on our web portal. Use a calendar as a properties resident ledger, accept payments both on line and in person. Run an end of day payment report then export that data to Quickbooks.

Integrate Calendar To Your Phone System

As incoming calls come in the system will screen pop to show you what number they dialed, what advertising or property you have assigned the number to.  You can also log the call to the incoming caller appointment and even track junk calls and telemarketers.  When you have customers or potential customers calling in and you can answer the phone with Hi again Mr. or Ms. (There Name) you will display a much higher level of professionalism.

Track Scheduled Maintenanace Appointments

Now you can have your communities maintenance needs and schedules tracked in your properties maintenance calendar.  Have a scheduled maintenance program you would like to set up and track.  Calendars can be assigned to maintenance appointments. Cost per job can be entered to each ticket and tracked for job completion with reports such as Trend Report and Technician Billing Report. Have a need to track maintenance assignments by zip code?  Use our US postal zip code index and assign the proper technician to the zip code or multiple technicians and what their skill set is.  Always send the proper technician for the job. Would auto emailing the clients needing the service be beneficial? If yes then we have you covered.

Track Advertising Program Performance

Database all your phone numbers and advertising campaigns you have assigned phone numbers to. The calendar can be used with or without integration to phone campaign tracking.  However if you plan on or need to know more about your marketing cost or plan to use our L2LCommunications as a cost cutting move you have to be using our PBX on the cloud to drive the phone data to your calendar. Some of the reports available are Mail Report, Call History, Call Summary, CSR Summary, CSR Daily, and Appointment Sales.

Office, Maintenance, Management Procedures 

Procedures can be tracked for any subject and every job level of such as area managers, maintenance managers, office clerical, office manager and much more.  Never again have you staff telling you they did not know the procedures and did not know where to find the information they were responsible for.  Manage the staff assignments from your corporate office for each field office, employee or community.



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