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Are You Spending More On Advertising Than You Need To?

Search Engine Marketing Turns Leads Into Leases

How do search engines find your site? Through meta tags, keywords, and search terms and mostly the content you place on your page that describes your community and the location or area you are located.

With your L2l Communities Web site, you can make your site search engine friendly and gain top listings by:

  • Adding your own meta tags.
  • Adding your own keywords.
  • Tracking your search terms for maximum ROI.
  • Instantly changing any of the above to increase traffic.

And this can be done very simply by filling in the blank fields in the L2L Communities admin area.  No programming, no HTML code knowledge required.   

L2L Communities Web Sites Include Search Engine Marketing Features That Deliver Pre-Qualified Leads

Why spend thousands of dollars producing TV and radio segments that don't always reach your target audience or expensive print ads that are tossed away with the trash? Smart property management companies are redirecting their advertising dollars from print media to the Internet for one reason- it's the cheapest way to turn leads into leases.

With pay-per-click advertising, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad! You hit your target market every single time. You attract only qualified leads. Leases that once cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to obtain can now only cost you a few cents!

What If I Already Have a Web Site?

We’ve found that many Internet marketers drop the ball when it comes to getting their apartment clients noticed on the Web.  Some companies who build you a so called web site that you can go to and see are not actually marketing your site.  They market their companies indexed web site to attract visitors the they will then show hundreds of listing in your area.  If you pay them enough money your site can be indexed high on those results they display if not you can be wasting thousands of dollars a year on advertising not making you money. Combine the L2L Calendar and Phone Tracking solution to your communities tools and know exactly what works for you and what does not.

It’s essential that your site have top tier search engine listings. Potential renters rarely search beyond page 2 of the search results. Even if L2L Communities did not build or is not hosting your Web site, we can still help you achieve the top search listings you need to close more leases and reduce your cost per lease. Learn more about our Internet Marketing Program.

Also consider using your L2L Communities web site to build community within your community.   If you are a single family home operator and considering using a site to upload pictures of your homes to show prospective renters that works as week.  One example web site that has all the available links turned on can be seen at http://www.CalicoApartments.com  You choose as many links that you would like to display for your use or your community.

Is Your Company’s Internet Listing Buried In the Last Pages of the Search Engines?

If your apartment community is buried among the last pages of search engine results, prospective renters will never find it. But they will see your competition and rent from them instead. Is the high cost of getting listed before your competition stopping you from trying to achieve those top page listings? Then we have the Internet marketing program to help you obtain those coveted 1st or 2nd page listings!

The high cost of print advertising is turning apartment communities toward Internet advertising to reduce their cost per lead. And it WORKS! Now you can reach ALL potential leasing candidates, even those who won’t research available apartments through outdated thick rental guides or wading through pages and pages of online Internet advertising search engine listings.

Our Internet Marketing Program Gets Your Property Noticed First

Our Internet search engine marketing technology makes getting your community listed on the first page inexpensive and greatly reduces your cost per lease. With our program, there’s no reason to spend $10,000 to $30,000 on a Web site, pay expensive monthly hosting fees, and keep up with changing operating systems and software upgrades.

How Does Your Internet Marketing Rank Against Your Competition?

Take the Challenge and See For Yourself

Take our challenge and see if your Internet advertising dollars are wasted. Click on any of the most popular search engines below. Do a search on apartments in your city and state. For example: If you were located in this area simply type in = Apartments Austin Texas.











Google makes up over 80 percent of search engine searches in the US. Getting listed on page one of their search results can take a very long time.  However once you know that the secondary search engines have picked you up could tell you you are on the rite path.

You can’t close many leases if the renter can’t find your community.

  • Do you see your apartment community listed on the page?
  • If not, do you see your Internet sponsor’s link?
  • When you click on your Internet sponsor’s link, do you get a list of communities in your city?
  • Are you at the top of this list?
  • Did you have to do a city and state search on your Internet Marketing Company’s web page?

Typically, searchers will not click past the first 2 pages of search engine results. If your Internet listing is not in the top half of the first page of your Internet search engine results, or at least in the first 2 pages, you lose a big percentage of potential residents.

What’s the answer? Get your community listed on the first page of your Internet search engine’s results. How? With the L2L Communities web site.

Should I replace the web site I currently Have With My Internet Marketer?  That is your call but the best course of action may be to use the L2L Communities site to create a sense of community within your community.  Quickly change the text on your Communities site to keep residents up to date with what is happening in the community.  A resident has a questing no need to take time to look up answers simply refer them to your web site address.  And yes you may pick a web site address that fits the description of your community example if you own a community you call Copper Creek Community.  Ask for a domain that says coppercreekapartments. (com or net)

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