Stop bad renters
before they sign!

Landlord2Landlord® provides the most comprehensive one-stop-source of tenant screening information in the nation for property owners. Get the same decision-making data big corporations use - in just 30 seconds!

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More than a credit score- know the stories behind your applicants.

The Landlord2landlord RenterNet™ shows you real-time, side-by-side applicant information, including information that cannot be obtained from courthouse or credit bureau records. Don't waste valuable time going to multiple resource sites when Landlord2landlord® can deliver them all to your computer screen in seconds.

Landlord2landlord® gives you instant access to:

  • Equifax and TransUnion credit reports
  • State and national criminal records, sex offender
    status and FBI reports
  • Employment history
  • ACCURATE references with contact info
  • Eviction history
  • Reviews by previous landlords
  • History of drama created at the last residence
  • Early warning against unsavory tenants
  • DFCS history
  • And much more!

Make your screening
process bulletproof

Adding Landlord2landlord® to (the credit reports) has made it all pretty much bulletproof. I don't have any more horror stories because I can now stop them from getting into the property. It has eliminated A TON of office work and freed me up from the hours and hours and hours I used to spend screening renters... But nothing says it better than this: I once had a 10-12% annual loss of income; I have maybe 1% now.

Andy, GA. MEMBER #205-159

Get warnings from other landlords about bad tenants

Landlord2landlord stops tenant fraud by transforming the internet into the "RenterNet."

Every landlord has had residents who left owing rent or a dirty residence, or worse yet, had to be evicted. The Landlord2landlord® RenterNet® database sends out that warning to its members ASAP, so you can avoid making a costly mistake. And if you have a bad tenant, it's easy to upload that info and warn other landlords, too.

Get higher prices with better renters!

With Landlord2landlord, you'll build better communities with better residents. And better communities demand higher rents and higher resident retention!

Avoid costly fines

The law reads that the company accessing the credit data has to be the company actually making the credit decision. So if you have a management agreement with a third-party credit reporting agency, but they aren't the ones making credit decisions, you can face imprisonment and up to a $2,500 fine.

Report and collect bad debts
without collection fees

Don't let the debt owed to you just slip away. Bad debt reporting and debt collection requests are as easy as 1-2-3 with Landlord2Landlord®. Just access the saved resident's data from when you screened them, enter the amounts owed to you, and press submit. No one makes it easier to report and collect debts owed than Landlord2Landlord®.

I collected $1,099 within 6 months by reporting the amount my ex-tenant owed me to the credit bureau... He called me when the information hit his credit report and sent payment in full. Reporting to the bureau worked for me!

Carleen, GA. MEMBER #313-199

Landlord2landlord features:

  • Convenient web site access to reports. No software to install.
  • Varied search options catch altered social security numbers and names.
  • Instant notification when a delinquent tenant applies for residency elsewhere.
  • Reproducible tenant form letters ensure Federal Fair Credit Regulations compliance.
  • Replaces expensive company network systems that require professional monitoring and maintenance.
  • End the frustration of receiving slow and outdated information from other landlords.
  • Participate in your community and work with your local police force using Landlord2Landlord's RenterNet to keep negative elements away from your community and to keep your network of landlords working together.

Landlord2landlord eliminates:

  • Frustrating 60-day corridor between judgments being awarded and recorded
  • False personal references
  • Lost revenue from disappearing tenants. Our network shows you where they surfaced again
  • Leasing to a tenant with an impeccable credit but undesirable qualities that could damage your property or place others at risk.
  • "Often, landlords do not have an advocate to support them in choosing the right tenant. Other companies in our business refuse to assist the individual and smaller property managers. Our mission is to create the largest online community of landlords working together to end rental fraud and to set the highest standards in the industry."

    Landlord2Landlord founder Ken Lemal, 30-year veteran property manager and landlord

Save $30,000 in the first year

Landlord2Landlord started with 5 landlords having coffee, which quickly grew to an association of over 400 landlords. These relationships allowed founder Ken Lemal to reduce his bad debt expense by $30,000.00 in the first year alone! Now it's your turn!

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A one time fee of only


Grants access to full credit files.

An onsite inspection is required to have access to full credit files. The cost for the onsite inspection and one time setup fee is $199.00. The fee is nonrefundable and does not gaurantee acceptance or approval. Approval is determined by the end user and their office security. When the inspection is at a residence the inspector will be confirming that you are working in a seperate room from the living space (such as a bedroom office and not working at the kitchen table), that the office area has a door to secure the office from the living area, that you have a shredder to destroy documents, and that you have a locking file storage device.

Or for a one time fee of


Become a L2L network member.

If you do not need access to full credit files and only desire access to L2L's credit score based RenterNet Decision Model and/or criminal information your one time setup fee is only $99.00 and no onsite inspection is required. You can upgrade at any time for an additional $100.00.

At the end of the signup process we will deliver to you a PDF document that is the membership agreement that will explain your duties under the FCRA Legislation. Don't let any of this overwhelm you it is our job to keep you informed and to make sure you are using all the correct forms that have all the required information being collected and given the residents. Many of the requirements are common sense and will assure that you take care in handling another individuals credit files.

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